Board Meeting Minutes Template Printable With Example

A board meeting minutes Template is a record of all the important decisions taken during a board meeting. So there are various board meeting minutes template available online which are suitable for various requirements if the corporate sector. So here we shall provide you with samples of all styles of board meeting minutes templates in formats such as PDF, Excel and Word.

In the corporate sector, almost every company requires to conduct a board meeting which is held by the directors and the senior management of a company. It is crucial to take important decisions and review the policy issues of the company. And during every board meeting, it is essential that meeting minutes are prepared so that all the decisions and points discussed in the meeting are systematically recorded.

So if you work in the corporate sector, you might be required to attend board meetings frequently and prepare meeting minutes of the same. So it is important for you to know how to prepare a board meeting minutes and what information to include in it.

So through this article, we will help you create board meeting minutes suitable for different types of organisations and in PDF, Excel and Word formats.

Simple Board Meeting Minutes Template

Simple Board Meeting Minutes Template

A simple board meeting minutes is a basic format for creating board meeting minutes. There is no standard format as such while preparing simple board meeting minutes. There are few points which you should keep in mind though while creating a basic board MOM Template:

  • Make sure to include vital details such as the name of the organization, date and time of the commencement of the meeting, name of the attendees if the meeting, venue of the meeting, etc.
  • Keep the language of the minutes simple yet professional
  • Make sure that you include all the points discussed or the conclusion dream upon during the meeting. But keep it brief and don’t elaborate too much.

Here we have provided you with few samples of simple board MOM Templates in various formats. These templates are editable so you can add any information required and use it to prepare your board meeting minutes.

Professional Board Meeting Minutes Template

Professional Board Meeting Minutes Template

A board meeting minutes is more than just recording all the points discussed during the meeting. It also serves as a legal record of the conduct of a meeting and is valid in the court of law for all purposes. So it is crucial to creating a board meeting minutes carefully and include all the rele

A professional board meeting minutes is more detailed than a simple board meeting minutes. It contains additional information relating to the agenda of the meeting and the reports of the sub-committee meetings. So

Board Meeting Minutes Template in PDF

Board Meeting Minutes Template in PDF

So we know that a board meeting minutes is an important document from the point of view of the legal records of a company. It is extremely crucial to take important decisions related to the company and acts as a point of reference for any decision taken later on.

If we talk about the best formats for preparing a board meeting minutes, then it is the PDF format. It is the widely used format to create documents in the professional sphere. So it is ideal for creating professional meeting minutes. After creating your minutes in a PDF format. You can even easily share it with the attendees and all the other concerned people with whom you require to share the minutes.

So here we are sharing with you some examples of board meeting minutes in PDF format. So you can download and print them and edit them according to your choice.

Board Meeting Minutes Template in Word & DocĀ 

Board Meeting Minutes Template in Word & DocĀ 

Word and Doc formats are the two most widely used formats for creating official documents in the professional sphere. Almost all of us are familiar with Word and Docs. Use it frequently to create and share important documents with our office colleagues and team. It provides us with many features which enable us to create official documents systematically and in an organized manner.

So here we are sharing with you Board Meeting Minutes templates in Word and Doc formats for free. So you can customize them and create professional board meeting minutes in a systematic manner.

Board MOM Template in Excel

Board Meeting Minutes Template in Excel

Excel format is the most preferred format for creating official documents. It allows us to create documents in a systematic manner and provides many functions which are not available in other formats. It also allows us to create charts, graphs, etc. which allows us to make our meeting minutes more detailed and relevant.

Given below are board meeting minutes in Excel templates. These can be downloaded and customized and edited as per your preferences. So you can use these templates to directly create effective board meeting minutes. And provide detailed information regarding all the discussions held during the meeting.

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